For years now cooking with my family has always been one of my favorite things to do. Cooking with Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning just made it more FLAVORFUL. #FlavorFan



Everyone knows that Lousiana has great "Cajun" style food. So we took it upon ourselves to create a "Cajun" seasoning with 25+spices & herbs so that you can have a taste of Louisiana no matter where you go.

Let's Get SPICY

When we say "All Purpose'' seasoning we mean it.

How awesome would be if you could eliminate using 3 to 4 seasonings when you cook down to just ONE? Trust me I know, this "All Purpose" seasoning has been a complete game changer in my home for the past two years. I Highly recommend.

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I can't believe it's seasoning!

You can honestly smell the flavor through the can before opening it up. This can of Flavor belongs to me, but you can get your own by clicking on the Shop Flavor Now button below.

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  • Chisley Unique Flavor "Cajun" Seasoning

    Our New Certified “Cajun" seasoning is a perfect mild blend of Louisiana's best natural spices and herbs. A LOW SALT seasoning can be used on all red meat, fish, pastapoultrywild gameseafood boils, and fresh or cooked vegetables.

  • Chisley Unique Flavor "All Purpose" Seasoning

    Our "All Purpose Seasoning" perfectly blends Louisiana's best natural spices and herbs. A LOW SALT seasoning can be used on all red meatpoultrywild gameseafood, and fresh or cooked vegetables.


    Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoningis my new go to seasoning. It works well with any type of poultry and even better on vegetables. It's just the right blend of herbs and spices and does not have an overwhelming presence of sodium. Lets just say I love it! *Corichia Martin*

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    I decided to purchase Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning about a month ago & I have literally put it in EVERY dish since then! Great Customer Service, Great Price and Great Taste! If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out!! *K.V. Knox*

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Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning is a family-owned and operated seasoning company started by Gregory Chisley Sr. He is a Baton Rouge, LA native that has always had a passion for cooking. At the age of 15, he started experimenting and cooking with different seasonings. Fast forward to 2020, he decided to take a leap of faith and create his own seasoning that was unique, flavorful, and low in salt. With the help of his three sons Torrin, Joseph, and Gregory Jr. we’ve managed to take an idea that once started in the kitchen and turn it into a nationwide e-commerce brand. We’re bringing family and friends together one Flavor at a time!

  • Flavor Fan

    Thank you to all of our Flavor Fans nationwide for your support and love. Feel free to send us any pictures and videos of you cooking with your #Chisleyuniqueflavorseasoning

  • Diversity

    We are bringing Flavor Fans from different ethnic backgrounds, and from different walks of life together with one flavor at a time.

  • Feed The Homeless

    Every year we donate seasoning to different organizations that prepare food to feed the homeless.