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Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning

Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning (Cajun) 7 Oz

Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning (Cajun) 7 Oz

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Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning is a unique, flavorful and low-sodium blend, unlike any other seasoning you’ve ever tried! We added just the right amount of spice to give your food the added kick it deserves. You can literally use it on any and everything. Our Cajun blend is the perfect LOW SODIUM replacement for your typical salt-packed cajun seasonings. We added the perfect amount of cayenne pepper in this blend being the only difference from our (All Purpose) seasoning in the BLUE can.

Our Cajun seasoning is jam-packed with 31 different ingredients. Yes, we said 31, but who's counting? Look on the bright side, it eliminates you having to use so many different seasonings when you can now just use ONE. Our Cajun blend is great for BBQing, sauteing, grilling, baking, broiling, mixing in your flour, and so much more. Did I mention that it’s even great on POPCORN “If you want your food to taste the BEST, try Chisley Unique Flavor Seasoning… It’s better than the REST!!

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